Course Modules

  • Module 1 - Science of Climate Change
      • Fundamental concepts related to the science of climate dynamics, natural forcing of the climate system, greenhouse effect, natural and anthropogenic drivers of climate change, methods and tools to detect changes in the climate, modeling, observed changes in the climate and causes behind climate change, scientific evidence of climate change, and so on.
  • Module 2 - Impacts of Climate Change
      • Impacts of climate change on different sectors and regions of the world.
  • Module 3 - Understanding Climate Change
      • Potential to harm societies and ecosystems, in particular, agriculture, forestry, water resources, human health, coastal settlements and natural ecosystems. This module will cover the following topics:
        • Vulnerability assessment
        • Concept of adaptation
        • Types of adaptation
        • Costs of coping with climate change
  • Module 4 - Action and Political Economy
      • Costs of coping with climate change
      • Climate-change policies such as those promoting low-carbon technologies or lifestyle changes in key mitigation sectors; and
      • Linking the negotiations with public policy, looking back at developments at COP17.

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