About the Course

Expected Outcomes

Broadly the expected learning outcomes from this program are:
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge and a holistic understanding of policies and practices for natural resource management in the context of sustainable development.
  • Knowledge about issues of resource security.
  • Apply their knowledge, understanding, and problem-solving abilities, to independently identify basic natural resource problems that affect the development process from multidisciplinary perspectives.
  • Identify appropriate interventions and approaches to address multi-faceted challenges of trade and natural resources and linkages with sustainable development.
  • Formulate research questions about the effects of natural resource utilization on development and identify analyze specific development needs pertaining to sustainable development and natural resource management.
  • Be able to apply the learning of policies and practices constructively in their jobs.

Program Approach

The program will commence with an introductory videoconference (VC) session that will provide an overview of the course structure and the core concepts. The 12-week program will consist of six leaning modules and will be delivered through a blended learning format comprising video-recorded lectures, academic articles and state-of-the-art multimedia among others. It will adopt an interdisciplinary approach that aims to draw from the disciplines of economics, politics and law.

In order to ascertain assimilation, the participants will be evaluated on

  • Participation in activities (15%)
    • Discussion forum
    • Videoconferences
    • Participant feedback
  • Intermediate tests (35%)
  • Final assignment (50%)