E - Waste Management

(Chiranjeev Bharti School, Sushant Lok - I, Gurgaon)

The objectives were

Although the project was taken up in the school, the aim was to reach out to the surrounding community as well The objectives were:
  • Raise awareness and understanding about e - waste
  • Motivate to reduce, reuse and hence bring down carbon footprint
  • Promote activities involving school to spread awareness
  • Familiarize about management of e - waste
  • Facilitate link to interact and share knowledge / exchange ideas
  • Ensure e - waste reaches organized sector for scientific disposal
  • Make waste management an integral part of the student - he/ she is a conscious ambassador of the same for life

The school is located in the residential area, surrounded by the corporate sectors. So relevance of the project to the locale environment sensitive issues was:

To prevent health hazards due to leaching of toxic elements eg: Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Hexa-valent Chromium etc. into the environment which can cause

  • Damage to the central and peripheral nervous system
  • Damage to Blood system and kidneys
  • Cancer

The Target Group and the beneficiaries were

Proposed methodology and major milestones were

  • Eco-club(Nature's Rangers)- was responsible for the project- accountability at every step
  • Maintenance of a weekly activity record system
  • Awareness through Pamphlets, Advertisement, Power point presentations, cable TV's, campaign with Posters and Banners.
  • Organize visits by students and parent bodies to e-waste sites
  • Setting up of collection centers and bins
  • Have authorized personnel in charge
  • Set up a communication system where everyone keeps in touch
  • Tie up with an organized e-waste recycling unit, using eco-friendly methods

Innovative Approach

List of partners and organizations, which were approached for the implementation of the project
  • Earth Sense Recycle Pvt Ltd.
  • Sister Schools
  • RWAs
  • Corporates - Educomp, TCS, ibm etc.

Overall project sustainability

Continuous motivational work
Support from parents
Management support

Cost /Benefit description of economic and social aspects
  • School believes in giving right set of values
    • Teach social responsibility to its student
    • To protect their planet for the betterment or humanity
    • Become more environment conscious
    • Carry forward the flagship as ambassadors of environment protection
  • School not looking for any economic benefit

Replication potential: can the project be implemented elsewhere

If carried forward in the spirit that it has been planned with comprehensive methodology, it can be replicated by any educational institution in any city.

Work Plan

  • The school has nominated a teacher coordinator and selected a student core committee
  • School has made all the students aware of the project through assemblies, ppt's, talks and discussions
  • School organizes games and competitions of student interest
  • Parent awareness workshop and core committee of parent volunteer is setup
  • Meeting with corporate HRs through parent representatives
  • Members of various RWA's have been approached for their support and cooperation
  • Banners and posters put up all over the colony

Certificate of appreciation for the school by Earth sense recycle Pvt. Ltd.

Future Plan

  • More RWA's to be contacted
  • Banners and posters to be put up all over the city
  • Awareness program will be carried out in the sister schools too
  • The collection bins will be put up at the vantage points
  • Intra-School, Inter School and community competition will be organized
  • Transport will be organized to collect and deposit e-waste to recycling unit

Students have visited E-waste recycling units in Manesar and Hyderabad to understand e - waste recycling

Student carryout awareness campaigns through street plays, presentations and walk marches with banners and slogans.

A truck load of e-waste collected by students was sent for recycling on 12th Jan 2010