About the Course

The online certificate course in "Environmental Education" is developed by TERI in collaboration with DELL. This course is appropriate for both classroom teachers and for non-formal educators who work with students and/or teachers. It provides educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate quality environmental education into their instruction. Participants discuss the history, definition, and goals of environmental education; develop an understanding of the professional roles and instructional methods of environmental educators; and interact with other educators from across the country.

The course modules are rich in audio, video and interactive web-based content, and use the latest ICT tools and techniques. The use of technology, combined with new approaches to content creation and delivery, will give impetus to this new initiative of TERI and DEL in the area of distance education, and also benefit the ever-growing educator's community.

Course Includes

  • An introduction to EE in sustainable development
  • An overview of tools and techniques to facilitate learning
  • Lecture presentations
  • Case studies at National and International level
  • A multimedia resource library
  • A set of assignments and a personalized certificate

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the concept of Environmental education-both in formal and non formal context in India
  • Apply the concepts to day-to-day teaching by way of blended learning (Face-to-Face and e-learning)
  • Connect key environmental issues to content in the curriculum
  • Develop tools (kits, Information Education material) with reference to local context and deliver Environment education
  • Link to relevance of Environmental Education in teaching learning process

Who Can Participate

  • School teachers
  • Researchers and academia
  • NGO practitioners
  • Students with keen interest in Environmental Education
  • Minimum age 18 years

Course Outline

The course has three modules which has been divided into units and sections. Module 1 is on Environmental Education in sustainable development; Module 2 on tools and techniques that can be used and Module 3 is the subject specific section and this course focuses on Climate Change. All modules have assignments at various stages that need to be completed before one can proceed to the next session.

Schedule and Structure

The time frame that will be preferred for completion of this certificate course in Environmental Education is minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 24 weeks.

Study material for the course will be available online on a module basis. Assignment is given at the end of each unit and after the completion of all three modules there is a final assessment. Participants must upload their answers within the stipulated time. Certificate will be awarded on the completion of course within stipulated time. Certificate would be given by the collaboration of TERI and Dell.

Evaluation Process

Evaluation would be structured in the following forms:
  • Assignments, Q&A, Activity, projects, scenarios, presentation, case studies etc.
  • Assessment -100 marks
    60 marks- (Module I+II+III)
    40 marks-Term end (Summative)
  • Term end evaluation would be based on:
    • A plan of action
    • An Effective communication strategy
    • An Essay